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Welcome to the Insane Asylum !  


We are working on locations to visit and making contacts.

We are going to explore the strange and weird things found in and around the greater Wisconsin area.

We will look into hauntings, strange beast sightings, ufos and more.

We are now going to be Equipped with a thermal camera as well as a spirit box and some other new toys for Season 2 is finally here.

below are a few clips from season 2 first episode. Which is in 4 parts..


Some other new things are happening and coming soon! 

When we don't have a location to go to or a topic to discuss live we will do a live show on what ever we have on our minds at the time.

this could be anything. We also been trying hard to work on some other content related to the paranormal for fun.

If you have any ideas stories or haunted places or locations you would like us to check out just send us an email.

We are going to try hard to have a new show on our you tube page every week!

We are live on face book every weekend! check facebook page for times.


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Our interview with Dale Kacmarek


interview with Mike Huberty



Interview with guest Corbie Mitleid


Our Interview with Kristy Sumner from Soul Sisters Paranormal team!





Our interview with Jimmy K from hotel K and MAX Ink Radio

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